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Impulse fr eine Welt in Balance

Impulse fr eine Welt in Balance


In search of a better world

Essays by Zeki Ergas

Aus der Kategorie Literatur in Englisch

Beschreibung: At this beginning of the twenty-first century, .. There is a terrible ethical and spiritual deficit in the world.

Today humanity has at its disposal sufficient resources, and the problem is no longer "global scarcity" but "global greed".

Human civilisation is at a crossroads. If it ends up surviving, ... it will be in no small part thanks to women.

Is extreme poverty a genocide by omission? My answer ... is an emphatic "Yes" !

Love of Humanity -- like oft God -- is present inside man ... But it is deeply buried.

Liberation Theology is based on two essential dimensions: its concern for, and focus on, poverty, and its special methodology.

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