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Impulse fr eine Welt in Balance

Impulse fr eine Welt in Balance


Everything would be alright - 13 copies

How children can change the world. A polemic paper. (ENGLISCH!)

Aus der Kategorie Literatur in Englisch

Beschreibung: One copy = 1

In packages of 6, 13 oder 50 copies which you can then pass on.

Felix Finkbeiner has shaken the hand of Kofi Annan, given global interviews and even spoken in front of the United Nations. And he is just 15 years old. Felix is a student and six years ago founded his own environmental organisation "Plant-for-the-Planet", which to this day has planted 12.6 billion trees. Today he is a UN Childrens Climate Justice Ambassador, and Felix and friends fight for their main aim: to offer the children of this world a cleaner future.

Autor: Felix Finkbeiner
Seitenzahl: 48
Erscheinungsdatum: 10/2013
ISBN: 978-3981184136
Gewicht: 910 Gramm

Preis: 13,00 EUR

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Artikelnummer: alright_13