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Impulse fr eine Welt in Balance

Impulse fr eine Welt in Balance


The Left Hand of God

(engl.) Healing America's Political and Spiritual Crisis

Aus der Kategorie Literatur in Englisch

Beschreibung: The Left Hand of God addresses the central mystery of contemporary politics - why so many Americans vote Republican when it is against their own economic interests. Providing an invaluable, timely, and blunt critique of the current state of faith in government, Michael Lerner challenges the Left to give up its deeply held fear of religion and goes on to show how the Democrats have misunderstood and alienated significant parts of their potential constituency. To succeed on a national level, Lerner argues, the Democratic Party must rethink its relationship to God, champion a progressiv spiritual vision, reject the old bottom line that promotes the globalization of selfishness, and deal head-on with the very real spiritual crisis that many Americans experience every day.

Autor: Michael Lerner
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