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A Planetary Contract

A Planetary Contract


GrünKultur_Nachhaltigkeit in Farbe

GreenCulture_Sustainability in Color (zweisprachig)

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Description: GreenCulture is an intercultural project for environmental education between North-Rhine-Westphalia and Mpumalanga/South Africa. The project helps us to realise, that education for sustainable development challenges, more than anything else, the way that we see and think the world. Therefore this book offers many possibilities to explore the theme: through fairy tales, portraits of plants and human beings, through factual matters, illustrations and photos many of your senses will be stimulated, in order to strengthen an interest in sustainable development.

Author: Arbeitsstelle Weltbilder, E. M. Mars (Hrsg.)
Publishing date: 6/
Weight: 330 Gramm

price: 20.50 EUR

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