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The Eco-Social Market Economy

The Eco-Social Market Economy


Tree by Tree - ENGLISCH

Now we children save the world PRINT ON DEMAND

Listed in the catagory Plant for the Planet

Description: Available for a nominal fee of $15 in the USA, free of shipping costs.

The children and young people of this world do not want to wait any longer for adults to finally begin to tackle the impending global challanges of our day. And they have much to do: they want to save their future - Tree by Tree.

We have written this book primarily for people like us - kids and teenagers. Because we are the ones who will have to pay "the price" for it if adults cannot fully solve these global problems.

With this book we want to show how great it is to get involved. We will tell you our story and why we act and do what we can so that we can have a positive future. We want to show you how exciting it is to learn more about our world, the climate, and the relationship between them - and how much fun it is to work together with kids from all over the world.

Of course, we will also tell you, how you can join in with us and become active yourself. Because just talking does not stop the glaciers from melting.

Author: Felix and Friends
Number of pages: 128

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